David “Dave” Andrew Beasley

Mr. David “Dave” Andrew Beasley, age 59, passed away on Monday, November 5th, 2018 at his home in Kingsland, Ga.

Mr. Beasley was born on March 18th, 1959 in Providence, RI to the late Richard “Dick” Beasley and Zita “Rita” Rusine Beasley.

Mr. Beasley is survived by his daughter, Tiffany Lynn Beasley of Great Falls, Mt.; his brother, Bruce E. Beasley of Kingsland, Ga.; and his grandchild, Kyndel Anderson of Great Falls, Mt. and his former wife, Cindy Lanier.

A gathering of Mr. Beasley’s family and friends will be from 6 to 8 pm on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at Coastal Camden Funeral Home in Kingsland, Ga.

March 18, 1959 – November 5, 2018

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  1. Viola Blackman

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    So when Dabid return to life, on this earth would you like to welcome him back. This promise is a gift made for all to read in your copy of the Bible at John 3:16, John 17:3, Psalms 37:29, Romans 6:23, Revelation 21:4.

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